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Orange Moisture Indicating

Loose Silica Gel (Bulk) - Sold By The Pound

Orange Moisture Indicating Silica Gel: Dry-Packs® bulk Orange Indicating Silica Gel can adsorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture and will turn from a Orange (Dry) state to a Dark Green (wet) state when it reaches 60% capacity. Silica Gel in it's Loose (Bulk) form is simply Silica Gel beads without any breathable packaging. They will be shipped in a heat sealed moisture barrier bag. Our Orange Indicating Silica Gel does NOT contain Cobalt Chloride (II) (normally Blue or Pink Silica Gel) which is classified as a IARC Group 2B carcinogen. Again, our Silica Gel is Cobalt Chloride FREE!

* The amount of Silica Gel (Desiccant) required will depend upon several factors including: the chemical characteristics of the product, volume contents of container, physical properties of the container, and conditions in which container will be stored/used.